AIMSpk is a group of specialist physicians and medical scientists dedicated to advancing the knowledge of medical sciences in Pakistan. We have founded this platform with our main objective to improve the healthcare management by organizing state-of-the-art Medical Conferences, Symposia and Workshops related to the emerging and prevalent human diseases in Pakistan. Our Conferences, Symposia and Workshop will have an international faculty working in their specialty areas in different parts of the developed world.


Our mission is The advancement of medical sciences by organizing state-of-the-art conferences, symposia and workshops, with emphasis on the prevention and management of diseases prevalent in Pakistan



  • To participate in medical and scientific activities by providing a platform for state-of-the-art symposia and conferences
  • To promote good clinical practices by continuing medical education
  • To create awareness by organizing world sponsored activities day for the prevalent diseases in the country
  • To improve scientific and medical education by involving eminent medical specialists and academia from the developed world
  • To encourage overseas Pakistani consultants and medical scientists working at institutions of international repute to play an active role and share their expertise and experience with the young physicians and medical scientists.